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When in Return


alice jacobs

Chalton Gallery, 96 Chalton Street, Camden, London UK NW1 1HJ 

24- 28.05.2018

What is the power of now? And how does it embody and dictate time as we remember it. Because when she died I did not know if she would return.


When In Return is an exhibition of kinetic sculptures that perform continuously, replacing a human body figure with a mechanical body. Jacobs displays the narrative of using domestic objects as religious icons. The works transmit shadows of figures that activate a turning of our own principles.


This alters our values when religious dogmas appear, making us turn between our beliefs and moral conditioning. This instance is a rotation, from the external to the internal. Rotation never starts nor does it end. It is a continuum of sinuous limitations.


Jacobs works with performance, sculpture and installations. These usually consist of defunct objects which are used to form a narrative of gesture. Through site-specific frameworks and parameters, she elevates irony and deals with the symbolical aspects of domesticity. Her stage therefore often becomes a metaphor, carefully structured to question notions.

alice jacobs
alice jacobs
alice jacobs
All images copyright of Alice Jacobs 2022
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