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Remember When, Where and Then


Image from performance, 2016, performance duration: 5 hours daily

Remember When, Where and Then


10-15th June 2016


L.E.M Perfromance Festival 2016, 76 Blackstock Road, London, N5 1HA.

Jacobs piece unpacks how both the viewer and performer co-exist within a constructed installation. Comprised of a set of interlocking wooden beams, the piece encourages those present to consider and question the notion of support; both in terms of the tension of physical bridges, and what they represent emotionally.


The irregularity of the beams that divide the space disorientates. Within one confined space, the media of sculpture, sound and performance converge for the viewer. That which lies beyond the path taken embodies the duration of the show.


All images copyright of Alice Jacobs 2022
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