Alice Jacobs is a sculptor and performance artist. She is based in London, UK, and has also worked in the context of different residencies in Japan and in Poland. She completed an MA in performance and sculpture at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 2017.  


Jacobs’s performances occur within the possibilities of structural installations, which often consist of defunct objects that embody a historical narrative. Such objects host the enactments of her gestures, in turn initiating them as tools that transport her body. She explores topics related to religious iconography and caged femininity.  


Symbolic elements of domesticity are central to Jacobs’ work. They are pushed to their metaphorical limits within the pieces she sets, turning them into stages for irony. The method and intentions behind her work are invariant, exploring notions of shame, guilt, and the psychological resistances these engender. 



Instagram: @a_vaj

Twitter: @a_vaj